A routine maintenance program is the first line of defense against damage to your asphalt in Columbus, Ohio. Once asphalt damage has advanced past the point where crack sealing is an option, problem areas can be patched. This will improve the appearance of your property and maintain safety. Once an area is past the perimeters for patching, it can be costly to repair. We offer two types of asphalt patching; TRADITIONAL and INFRARED.


This method calls for the damaged asphalt to be saw cut and removed. The affected area will be cleared of all debris and new asphalt will be added to match the existing grade. Before applying the new asphalt we will check for any underlying damage that may be causing the surface damage. This method will be used when Infrared repair is not an option.


Infrared repair is a more cost-effective permanent answer to asphalt damage. It can be used to provide seamless repairs after cuts have been made in lots and roads. It is a valuable tool for patching potholes and can even be used to erase unsightly oil marks in your parking areas. It is also effective for correcting depressions and lowering high areas in your asphalt.

Infrared is a process in which the area to be repaired is heated using an infrared panel. The damaged asphalt is then raked and new asphalt is mixed in to bring it up to grade. The newly repaired area compacted in order to cause it to pinch at the seams so it will bond with the existing asphalt. This allows for a seamless repair which improves appearance and helps to prohibit water damage to the repaired area.