Many property owner and managers will use parking lot marking for a quick, eye-catching and affordable way to invigorate the appearance of their property. Properly laid out and painted parking lots will create a sense of safety and organization for vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

There are several options when it comes to parking lot marking layouts and styles. Whether it’s a single line, double line, straight or round end design, we can help with the design of your stalls or follow a set of blueprints that you provide. Whether your striping due to recent sealcoating or paving work, to meet ADA guidelines or just to give your property a fresh new look, Executive Asphalt will complete the job with quality and efficiency at a reasonable price.

Is your playground area boring or faded?

We have a wide range of playground stencils including four square, hopscotch, maps, clocks, and a wide range of kid-themed appliqués. We also do basketball and tennis courts, running tracks and athletic fields.

Looking for something more permanent?

We also offer pre-formed thermoplastic installation. Thermoplastic marking is a thick plastic-like material that is heated up and permanently bonded to your parking lot. They can be installed on asphalt or concrete and can be used for everything from arrows and stop lines to decorative crosswalks and customer logos.

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