Catch basins, in short, are chambers located underground. They’re covered with grates, too. These chambers are made to gather surface runoff. They acquire sediment and stop it from making its way into nearby storm sewers. Catch basins are frequently seen in parking lots everywhere. They serve important roles. If an individual is searching for professional assistance with a parking lots catch basin in Columbus, Ohio; he/she doesn’t have to fret for a second. That’s simply because he can always rely on Executive Asphalt. Executive Asphalt is a full-service local company that can assist people with all of their parking lot catch basin requests. It doesn’t matter if an individual needs in-depth professional parking lot catch basin installation work. It doesn’t matter if he’s looking for meticulous professional parking lot catch basin replacement service, either. Executive Asphalt’s talented technicians can take care of all of his needs with full ease and confidence.